Individual / Couple / Small group 

Bring some Good Karma to your home by learning how to make natural, palm oil free and organic soap !

Do you know someone crafty who loves natural body-products ? Gift vouchers are also available !

-Your starter kit used during the course (a 1kg wooden and silicone soap mold, a spatula and a soap cutter)  
-Good Karma's natural, palm oil free and organic workshop recipe
-A comprehensive instruction booklet covering everything you've learnt including the list of basic equipment for soapmaking and safety instructions


-What is soap ? Understanding the cold process saponification 

-Learn about soapmaking essential equipment, where to source it as well as your ingredients

-Safety first ! Soapmaking in comfortable and safe conditions.

-Choose your scent in a range of essential oils

-Choose up to two natural colors from spices, dry plants, clays and more... 

-Make your first soap !

-Learn how to store, cure and cut a soap

-Access to the Advanced level of soapmaking

-Full follow-up support to encourage you to carry on soapmaking journey!

Keep it, enjoy it, share it ! 


Cold process saponification  

Calculate your proportions
and learn how to use a soap calculator. 
Be a part of the growing
Good Karma learning and sharing group.
Must have completed the Introduction of soapmaking.


-Learn about properties and skin type

-Choose your base in a wide range of plant based oil

-Calculate the safety requirement and add your colours and scent to your recipe

-Learn how to use vegetal milk, aloe vera, and other natural additives (included)

-How to use botanicals and exfoliants (included)

-Create your own soap & Repeat !

-As always, full follow-up to encourage you to carry on your soapmaking journey !

Keep it, enjoy it and share it !

About   the   workshops

Learn the basics of soapmaking at home with me, Caroline the Foundator and soapmaker of Good Karma soaps. Good Karma also encourage the "do it yourself" so you can learn how to create your own recipe in the advanced level ! I'm moving to your place from Canberra to Sydney, for other location do not hesitate to contact me. Every soap needs to stay in the mold for at least 24 hours before solidified, that's why both workshop take place at your home. That way you can store the soap after the workshop ready to be cut the next day ! Soapmaking also required an access to water and a powerpoint, a kitchen bench or a bathroom is perfect for this activity! Both workshop can be organised for one, two person or a small group up to 5 persons (adult only). As soapmaking can be dangerous, safety precautions need to be followed by every participant. Safety equipment is included in both workshop and will be available to purchase at the end of the course. No kids or pets will be allowed in the same room as the workshop at anytime. Make sure you have a babysitter/petsitter booked for that day, or your loved ones busy in another room.  Please feel free to ask any question you may have ! To book a workshop, send me an email indicating the type of workshop, the prefered day/month, your location and the number of participant.

See you soon for SOAP MUCH FUN ! 


Create your own recipe!

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